Sunday, 14 June 2015

#393; Battle of the Benefits Mascara

 I have been busy with exams but I squeezed in time to take photos for this super overdue review and comparison that I wanted to do, ever since I reviewed both Benefit cult mascara that I have own. You can read the in-depth review for the Benefit Roller Lash mascara and Benefit they're Real! mascara by clicking on their names.

This comparison will feature my thoughts about the two products and how they fare against each other. Although what may work for me, may not work for everyone else and vice versa. Let's get down to it!

Both contain the same amount of product and they last as long as a whole day out. So they are really long lasting which is good, if you are not one for touch up while you're out. 

The Benefit They're Real! mascara comes packaged in a sleek gunmetal casing that is futuristic and oh so business woman-like. 

The brush consists of many bristles that can reach the inner most eyelashes and picks up enough product for application to one eye.

The Benefit Roller Lash mascara comes packaged in a cute black and pink packaging that features a "curler roller" like wand applicator. I love this packaging more than the they're real! mascara because this is waaay cuter. I am so sorry, but pretty packaging always tickle my fancy.

The lash wand is slightly curved to fit the natural lash line and there is a "velcro-like" hook and roll system that grabs on to your lashes and curl while applying the mascara onto your eyelashes. I actually prefer the they're real! wand because it can reach the inner corner which are the shortest and most neglected lashes. If this is combine with the they're real! brush, it would be perfect. 

Packaging: Roller Lash wins
Lash wand: They're Real! wins

Although the Benefit Roller lash mascara claim that you do not need to curl your lashes, for the sake of this review, I curled both sides for a more obvious effect. It is also fair to test both mascara on similar "lash environment".

I applied two coats of mascara to each eye and labelled them as above. The They're Real mascara is obviously more noticeable. The lashes are visibly more voluminous and look longer than the roller lash mascara. However, the They're real! mascara clumps easily and you will need to comb out your lashes. With the Roller lash mascara, you do no need to separate out the lashes because the wand does that for you. However, it isn't as voluminous and noticeable as I like it to be.

Voluminous and Noticeable Lash: they're Real! mascara
Non-clumping: Roller Lash mascara

I tried to draw a thin liner. I tried. 
The They're Real! mascara feels really heavy on my lashes after a few hours. Even though it is very noticeable, my eyes feel really heavy and I am not sure if it is just the formula but it flakes easily especially if sweat touches it. Smudge alert!

The roller lash mascara is much softer and makes my lashes feel fluttery light. Which is why it holds curl way better than the they'real! mascara. The mascara formula is pretty sweat proof and doesn't flake because there are no unsightly clumps. Either way, I love the Roller lash formula better. 

My very noticeable lashes if you scruntinize hard enough. 
The tl;dr version: I prefer the Benefit Roller Lash mascara although both have its shortcomings. 
The roller lash is easier to wear as I can skip using an eyelash curler for a more natural look and I don't have to comb out the clumps from two or more coats of mascara. 

I think that the shortcomings of both mascara makes both complementary to each other. Application of the they're real! for a voluminous and fuller lash line, curl the lashes before applying the non-clumping and curl-holding roller lash mascara!

Which one do you have in your makeup bag and how do you use them? :p

Let me know down below!


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