Tuesday, 23 June 2015

#395; WCWT - Singapore Museums

I thought I should do a tiny little post about my life so far, before I post another makeup review. I have a bunch of them to do, it is piling up! And I just wanted to put a slice of myself out here on this space before my personality gets dwarfed by all the reviews.

So here is a recent Where Chubbies Went Today! This was just yesterday and we are both hopelessly broke so we decided to tour museums with free admission. Cause we are cheapskate. Anyway this is the first time we went to a museum together.

Our first stop was the Asian Civilisation Museum and it is a stone throw away from the Raffles Place MRT. Because we had to walk and because it was sooo warm, I had to get ice cream. We queued up behind a bunch of tourists and gotten ourselves two chocolate mint ice cream in a cup! So darn good in the warm weather. We finished up the ice cream in a blink of an eye and went inside the cool museum. 

The museum boasts that they hold treasures from Asia's oldest museum. The staircase and interior is very vintage and the whole floors are wood paneled. No photos of the artifacts because we were both intrigue and spent a lot of time reading captions and speculating about their origins. It was pretty creepy and the whole place was dim to preserve the items. Me and Chubby crept about as quiet as mouse and got scared quite a bit by some display. 

The only display that didn't spook me was the one with the twelve zodiac animals! How cute are all the crochet animals?

They didn't make all the zodiac animals in crochet form and I was looking out for mine and here it is! My lazy dog form laying on its side. So. cute. Coincidentally, my crochet dog form was in the same display as Chubby Cheeks' crochet monkey. We were meant to be. 

And in another separate exhibit, there are fun facts about the zodiac animals and also a whole space where kids created art pieces of the animals! Ugh. This exhibit just makes me feel so happy

And a snake skeleton! Which was huge. Like longer than Chubby Cheeks.

Hello thunder thighs. :/ But this was a nice photo of me and Chubby.

Remember the bronze heads from the CZ12 film? The one where Jackie Chan starred in? He donated 6 of the bronze heads to the museum! And here they are. Can you imagine them in the show and now here they are in real life?

I had to stop Chubby Cheeks from touching the display. He really exhibits his zodiac signs when he is around stuff he can't touch. He gets really childish and start touching the various exhibits and I had to hold onto both of his hands. Exactly like a monkey. 

We left the museum and headed off to the National Museum of Singapore, located conveniently near Dhouby Ghaut MRT station. 

When we reached, it was already almost six pm and the museum was going to close. But there was a Lee Kuan Yew exhibit going on. We took a quick look before heading off but not before we raid the vending machine and bought some snacks to chomp on. 

We went to Plaza Sing to get dinner and there was Japanese food fair going on with so many special snacks and drinks! We bought a watermelon Ramune, which is a kind of soda. If you happen to drop by there, this is a must try! The ones from Daiso aren't the authentic one. This one is the one you MUST try. I love it and I might just return to get one more!

One last photos of the Chubbies to end this post! All in all it was a fruitful day and I love exploring new places with Chubby Cheeks! I will post up a review soon so do look out for it.

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