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#396; Sigma Standout Eyes - Stunningly Ladylike

I am back from my KL trip so I will be trying to update this space more often! I am so sorry I didn't update sooner but I was busy packing and then I had to go. It wasn't until I was on the road to a vacay when I realize.. Oh no?! I haven't drafted anything for the blog!

Anyhoo, today's blog post will be on the Sigma Standout Eyes Gel Liner in the shade Stunningly Ladylike. Gosh, what a mouthful. I bought this online from Carousell at SGD$18 but you can get this at SGD$22 from Luxola with free courier and the occasional discount. Here's the link!

Here is the ingredient lists for those who are interested!
The Sigma Standout Gel liner comes in six different shades and I chose a dark brown for a softer everyday look. This is made in China and contains 2.8g of product.

I think what drawn me to purchase this would be the packaging! I am a sucker for pretty packaging and this is sure sleek and pretty with its matte black cover printed with holographic details. *inner screams*

I bought this at a time that I was obsessed with gel liner and was heavily into the E.L.F gel liner which are so affordable and good but didn't exactly have the best colour payoff for the brown shade. Well I guess it is true that you pay for what you get.

There is actually two shades of brown in the range but I opted to get a darker brown because I wanted something more noticeable. 

Here are the swatches. They are very build-able and easy to apply. I am using one of the Real Techniques Fine liner brush to apply this product on. The Sigma Standout Eyes do not come with the tiny applicator that you normally get with a gel liner. Nor does it come with a liner brush. You would have to purchase it on your own and the Sigma branded ones can get a tad bit pricey.

Smudge test, I waited for the darker and fatter line to dry before rubbing furiously and it budge a little as seen from the streak. The thin line which was slightly wet smudge terribly or wonderfully, depending on how you will choose to use this liner. Which is perfect for a smoky neutral eye. 

Waterproof test, both lines performed badly. They didn't exactly run in streaks but the slightest tug and they were off and smudging crazily. Which is okay for some but bad for me. My eyes get tired throughout the day from contacts and exertion and I will usually use an eyedrop twice or thrice a day. 

I used the Sigma Standout Eyes to line both top and bottom of my eyes. It glides on smoothly and a little product goes a long way. The whole gel liner is of a good consistency and does not dry easily. The packaging also keeps the gel liner soft and does not dry to tiny lumps unlike E.L.F or Maybelline Gel liner.

Here is a close up. I am sorry it isn't as sleek as I wanted it to be. But I tried!

I find that this transfer easily without a primer even when I am not using an eyedrop and just blinking normally. But then again, I have oily lids and everything transfers to my lower lids. Ugh. 

Over a primer, this does not transfer as much although it still would transfer to the lower lids when I drip eyedrops. So it totally defeats the purpose of the primer. 

Sorry, not sorry for the extra sultry photos taken using my iPhone. 

Overall, I like the formulation of the Sigma Standout Eyes gel liner for its smooth application and consistency. The color payoff is also really good for a gel liner and it would definitely make for easy reapplication with its tiny size. The packaging I love!

The not so good about it?
Smudges and transfers like crazy on my oily lids. I'd steer clear if you have oily lids and dry eyes like I do. The price is a little pricey and you can get better alternatives for cheaper (E.L.F I am looking at you). This also does not come with a brush so if you are new to Gel liners, you would have to invest in a new brush which would set you back by another $6+ for a decent eyeliner brush. 

Overall, I wouldn't repurchase but it might work for you if you have dry lids and non-drying eyes.

What are your thoughts about this so far? Do you like this and willing to give it a go or would you sit this one out?


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