Monday, 6 July 2015

#397; Bare Minerals Ready Blush - The Confession

Ever since I got this, I was looking forward to reviewing the Bare Minerals Ready Blush in the shade - The Confession. I got this off from Carousell and was on the fence about this but I was so stressed from exams and this is one stress buy that I don't regret. 

Short rant: Goodness knows how stress I am. I shopped so much and spent so much money because I am under pressure from my parents and myself. I want to do well so I study so hard. Well at least shopping is much better than adopting vices. 

The Bare Minerals Ready Blush comes packaged in a black cardboard with silver details. It is a simple and very functional packaging and I like how professional it looks. 

The blush is slotted into the packaging like so and comes in a square matte package with rounded corners that reminds me of Nars. 
I like how no frills the whole concept is and I like how it really showcase the "bare" necessity. The matte container comes with its pros and cons. It is a small and easily travel sized friendly shape and size. Because of its matte texture, it is prone to being easily dirty and attract dusts, bits and powder as pictured above. 

The Bare Minerals Ready Blush comes in a few shades and I chose The Confession. 
Each pan contains 6g and you can check them out at Sephora. Their retail price is SGD$40+ which is a tad bit pricey for blusher but considering that blusher lasts you almost forever, this splurge is somewhat justified. 

The Bare Minerals Ready Blush in the Confession has a sizable pan with a tiny fluffy brush included for application on the go. The mirror is also pretty big and handy for when you need to touch up. 
Can I just say... The brush is freaking amazing. 

I never ever used the brushes that came with the blushers because they don't serve their purpose at all. The ones included in the Bare Minerals Ready Blush is amazing because they are fluffy and pick up the right amount of blush for a natural glowy look. You can build up the pigmentation with more swipes but the brush is just awesome for picking up the right amount of blush to make you look "au naturale". 

This is also the brush that I use to apply my MAC blusher which works way better and makes me fall in love with the blusher all over again. 

This is how the Bare Minerals Ready Blush in the Confession looks like when swatched. It is a really pretty rose color that is elegant and really natural. I like how it actually swatches pretty close to the color in the pan. This is a shade that you can wear everyday and I find myself reaching out for this because it adds that touch of "not trying too hard" into my makeup routine. 

This is a photo of me without the blusher. A little lacking and a little pale. 

And this is a photo of me with the Bare Minerals Ready blush in the Confession. This was taken using my iPhone. I apologise for the bad quality but my G12 just couldn't pick out the blusher. It gives a very flushed look that is just so perfect to add color to your cheeks and perfect for a heavy makeup or a softer look. 

As said before, the pigmentation is something that can definitely be build up depending on your personal preference and I find that this blusher lasts six to eight hours on me before fading. The formula goes on smooth and swatches pretty great. 

The only qualms I have is the packaging and the fact that it is a tad bit pricey. But if you are looking for a sound investment, do check out the Bare Minerals Blusher because for the price you are paying, you are getting a really gorgeous blush and a super handy blusher blush to recycle! 


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