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#398; TonyMoly Cats Wink LOTD

This has been on my top to do list and I didn't get around to doing a review and LOTD with this because I was caught up with all the new makeup coming into my already huge stash. 
These products with their simple cute cat packaging is from Tony Moly and you can get them from Qoo10. They are:
- Cats Wink Shiny Skin BB Cream
- Cats Wink Clear Pact
- CatChu Wink Lip Tint

First up is the Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact. 
This comes packaged in a cute light pink case with cute cat ears and the cutest design on the packaging. Can you imagine whipping this out to reapply your makeup?!

The Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact comes with a fluffy puff for easy application and touch up. The face powder is also embossed with a cat paw print but have since faded with use. The powder matches pretty well with my skin tone although they only have two shades to choose from. Mine is the #02 in Clear Beige and each pact contains 11g of pressed powder. 

Here is the Cats Wink Shiny Skin BB Cream which I reviewed a really long time ago but the quality of my review was so bleh, I cringe inwardly when I look through the post. So here is a revised review. They only come in one shade, correct me if I am wrong, the BB Cream has SPF25 and contains 50g of product.

The packaging is the very standard BB cream, in a squeeze tube. 
Although these few years, the appearance of BB Cushion Pact have taken over the squeeze tube market. I feel that this is so much more hygienic though. But to each her own!

Here is the CatChu Wink lip tint. I am not sure what shade this is but it should be red. 
I like how they put effort into all the whole range of Cats Wink packaging. Each product has a little bit of cattiness to it. Like the CatChu Wink lip tint has a little cat as the top of the tube

Here is how the Tony Moly Cats Wink Shiny Skin BB Cream and CatChu Wink lip tint looks like swatched. The lip tint is especially feathering on swatch so I was wondering if I would have the same problem on my lips. 
Btw, I am a MAC NC20 or a Benefit shade Petal. So you can use that as a reference and guideline to see if the shades are suitable for you!

Here is the whole look I put together using the lip tint on my lips and the BB cream and Clear pact on my face. 

Not sure if you can see it clearly in the photo above but this didn't really conceal my pimple scars. The pores are a little enlarged but my pores are always enlarged haha!

I like how smooth the Tony Moly Cats Wink Shiny Skin Bb cream applies on my skin, it gives light to medium coverage although it is buildable. Once set, it does not have an oil slick feeling but instead, it enhances the glow of your skins. Only qualms is that it is a little too fair if not blended properly. 

The Cats wink clear pact applies on smoothly and gives the whole look a matte finish without making it look dull and lifeless. Like there is still that glow. #glowlikejlo 
I find that there is little difference of using the powder over the bb cream or just over the bare skin. Only difference is that the coverage of the clear pact is definitely light and you will need to rely on concealer to conceal those pimples and scars.

On to the Tony Moly CatChu lip tint. 
I have very pigmented lips as loyal readers know.
The CatChu Lip tint covers my natural lip color on my bottom lips which is good. However, the upper part of my lips is more pigmented and this runny sheer formula struggles to cover my natural lip color.

I honestly think this is perfect over some lip concealer to give that Korean Gradient lips look. As a standalone lip stain/lip tint, I can imagine its failure if I were to eat ramen. Say goodbye to your lip stain. Which is what happened to me, only the top part of my lips returned back to their normal lip color. #awkward.

This does not run and dries pretty fast. The trick to it is applying one sheer layer before going over it again and again to build up color.

I for one, prefer to use it as a cheek stain instead. Be careful when applying this on or you will end up with two red patches of blusher. This gives a pretty pink flushed look which I dig. 
Overall, I love the whole look put together using the TonyMoly Cats Wink line. 

What do you think?

A last silly selfie of the post. 

Have you tried any of Tony Moly products and which do you recommend? I think I will definitely make use of this more often because it gives a very light and natural finish without being too cakey. Probably what the Koreans are good for! The no makeup makeup~


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