Wednesday, 22 July 2015

#400; June Round-Up! Part 1

Hey guys!
I missed the May Round up and was going to do so again for the month of June but then I didn't want it to be a vicious cycle, so here it is! The month of June was filled with a lot of good vibes and a lot of pictures, so grab a snack and have fun reading!

I went to get my iPhone 6 Plus on the first month of June and went for lunch with Mumsy. We had noodle soup at Din Tai Fung. So good. June was a food month and I guess I am blessed to get to eat everything I want!

Dinner was this absolutely fragrant chicken chop rice, prepared Vietnamese style with lemongrass. Absolutely delicious!

Went out with Chubby and had a lot of photos with him! This was the only nice one though. There is also a WCWT for the month of June and you can read about our adventure to the museum here!

Me and my resting bitch face preparing for an advertorial. And then I realize just how much makeup I had.

Like this is only a quarter of my makeup stash. 
I have more palettes, eyeshadows, a whole bunch of lipstick and about four eyeliners in my stash. 
Plus a lot of unopened goodies~

Lunch with my sister x the best lime juice cooler ever. 
I could have this everyday of my life. 

Also, discovered this ice cream shop at Bukit Timah Market. I mean, I knew about it before but never got to trying it. The ice cream shop has the best handmade ice cream, the earl grey ice cream is a must try! You guys should give this a try if you ever stopped by or have dinner there.

Another selfie for a blog review!

While studying for exams, sister prepared a bunch of matcha cupcakes which were bland but still rather edible. I am not going to complain!

The soup is so good! The beef is not.

This street just reminds me so so so much of HongKong. 
This is found in Jurong Point and they have all these themed section. The Japan one is too gorgeous.

Among my stress buys, is this Too Faced Bonjour Soleil. Which doesn't turn out all that bad. I will get to reviewing this up on my blog soon enough! 

If you ever pass by Wisma Atria basement on the way to Takashimaya, you should give Ben's Cookie a try. It is a really big cookie and they have a lot of flavors to choose from. I think it is pretty underrated, being sandwiched between Famous Amos and Llaollao. 

Aesthetic Muji.

And I came out with something because their aesthetic game is too strong. The yogurt chocolate cranberries tasted a tad weird at first because of the yogurt but eventually, it tastes better and better. Most of the food are packaged in resealable ziplock bags which makes it easy to tote along while on the road.

Helping my sister get a new Display pic and photos for her instagram. 
I do take nice photos, either potrait or even aesthetically pleasing photos. 

Went to study with Chubby Cheeks while he did his assignment and because I help him out with his whole report, he treated me to Pad Thai, Basil chicken and rice and many other good food to satisfy my happy tummy. Andddd, in the end, I didn't get anything done...

Also... #McDonaldsBlueCone Wooooo~

On the way to pay my school fees after all my exams are done!  This set lunch is from Umi Sushi and this is so good. 

We walked around and had nothing to do, so me and Chubby Cheeks got to eat at St Marc Cafe. This little fuji is one of our favorite pastries/dessert of all times. 

I will post Part 2 of my June update soon because it is getting too long :x 
Do stay tuned for it!


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