Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#401; June Round Up Part 2! x KL Road Trip

This is part 2 of my June Round Up! You can read the first part here.

I took a road trip with my family to KL because my parents wanted to get something done! So this is me with my protector at the hotel. Say hello to bee pooh. The road trip took 4 hours and I took a little nap along the way but didn't sleep much. 

The view from my hotel like wut. 
It is pretty aesthetic and there is free Wi-fi but the connection sucks. I did hold out on buying a sim card there because I wanted to spend more money on things I need/love. Afterall, I am there for a good shopping trip and some stress relief from the hectic schooling schedule.

Dinner that day was this absolutely wonderful wanton mee and I shared two plates of this because it was so good. The char siew is to die for.

Then we explored Pavilion Mall and found the Tokyo street which had a Daiso but I didn't go in. I only ventured around and felt it was pretty small. There was so much potential for the whole Japanese theme though..

Spot dad. 
We spotted Milkcow and decided to have some desserts to end our day on a sweet note. I ordered the honeycomb and cookies and cream but I honestly prefer the cookies and cream. The honeycomb is super tough to chew and digest but good for your throat and the soft serve is so milky and creamy. I am pretty glad they maintained the standards in SG as well as in KL. 

The second day's dinner! 
We shopped around a little and I gotten a whole load of stuff from Sephora. Then they had to do their paperwork while I played tiny towers and sat around. When they were done, it was almost dinner time so here we are. 

We had dinner at a nice restaurant at Pavilion Mall again. This was dad's crab pasta.

My lasagna which was decent but not as warm as I would like it to be..

Mum's pesto which was so goooood.

And sister's cabonara. Looking at all these food pictures just make me so so hungry right now.. 
I'm craving for some good pasta. 

Also had Tous Les Jours after shopping around and the cake is so so good. But a tad bit dry. 
It is a pity that Singapore doesn't have Tous Les Jours although I thought they would have entered the market by now. Considering that Paris Baguette has a fair hit of the cafe and afternoon tea lover. 

The next day shopping at Mid Valley mall and I spotted a love bonito flagship store! Of course I had to go in and take a look. I was deciding between this pretty dress or an off shoulder top but I decided to buy this dress instead. And what a good buy it is, although it was a tad bit pricey! I love love love the cutting, the fit and the flare of the dress is to die for. This off shoulder dress is the kind that I have been looking for, since a long time ago!

Went to have Tim Ho Wan for the very first time because there was a store there! Absolutely yummy. Even dad also says so. And he is something of a food connoisseur.  

The char siew rolls *heart eyes*

And the egg tarts.. omg. 

And the bo luo bun. I need to try the Tim Ho Wan in Singapore to see if they taste that good. 

Dinner was at the Alexis kitchen bar and they have the best food ever... 

Pizza and spaghetti. Why can't they come to Singapore?!

Some flatlays I took! Most of them are up on my instagram @amandamisaki.

And my stress loots consisted of a Stila waterproof liquid liner and a few new lipsticks :x

And my favorite dog dog mug noodles! I need to restock on this soon. 

That's all for my June! How did you spend your June holidays?


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