Wednesday, 5 August 2015

#402; Marc Jacobs LoveMarc in Understudy

Starting the month of August with the Marc Jacobs LoveMarc in Understudy!
This high end luxurious lipstick was the first of my Sephora sales purchase and I have purchased another one because the sales was too good not to miss! If you followed me on twitter @amandamisaki or liked my facebook page, you would have gotten a heads up on this new baby in my stash.

The Marc Jacobs LoveMarc Lip Gel comes packaged in a black and white box and the lipstick is a sturdy and classy packaging. Can I say that black and silver just screams classiness? The lipstick is 3.6g but the packaging is a tad heavy. Perfectly okay with me but may be a hindrance for some, who wants a more lightweight option!

To uncap the lipstick, merely pull the top out. 
The Marc Jacobs LoveMarc snaps shut via a magnetic closure and I have read reviews that there might be some problems with it. However, I have used these for quite a fair bit and didn't encounter any problems with storage or even toting it around in my bag.

The whole lipstick feels extremely luxurious and I like the whole magnetic closure concept!

The shade I chose for the Marc Jacobs LoveMarc Lip gel is Understudy. Which is a coral that looks amazing for this season! If you have noticed, I am really into pinks and corals nowadays. 
I didn't check my lipstick when I purchased it and realised I gotten a defected one with a blunt tip :< 
But I went back to check the rest and they were perfectly fine so #badluckamanda

Either way, let's just continue on with the Marc Jacob LoveMarc in Understudy with this blunted tip :x

The Marc Jacobs LoveMarc lip gel in Understudy is a peach coral when swatched. At first glance, it looks like a very moisturizing formula that does not dry matte. 

This is absolutely true of the LoveMarc series which is a very hydrating lipstick. In fact, it was packaged and advertised as a lip gel. Because of the consistency of the lipstick, I find that this does not last throughout the day and you will definitely need to tote this around for reapplication. The classy packaging makes this justifiable to do so. 

On my pigmented lips, the color payoff is pretty good to give full coverage. However, the moisturizing lipstick makes it hard to have that "defined" lips look, you can achieve with matte lipsticks. However, I am not sure if this is just because of the color I have selected. 

I do have another Marc Jacob LoveMarc Lip gel in a red shade, so I will review that when I have cleared some of my lippies :x

I like the color on my lips though! 
It is a peach coral that reminded me of a coral lipstick that I loved but never could make it work on me because it was so dry.
This color and the formula makes my lip so hydrated and gives just the nicest flush of color. 

The shade is also just perfect for an all year round look and I would repurchase this again, if it weren't for the expensive price tag. I bought this at an offer price for $29 but for the price tag, I would recommend getting a MAC lippie instead because even though this is a moisturizing and high end makeup product, the price point (when it is/it isn't on sales) is a tad bit of a turn off.

The lipstick also doesn't last as long as a MAC lip color. On average it lasts for about 3-4 hours before needing reapplication. It also doesn't last through food so... 

Let me know what you think about the Marc Jacobs LoveMarc Lip gel? Did you lay your hands on any good deals?


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