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#403; Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Gloss in 60 Exces

Now I don't usually wear lip gloss because I hate the sticky feeling that comes with the gloss. I understand that it keeps your lips looking fresh and kissable but the stickiness and tackiness just does not cut it for me. So I always steer clear of lipglosses unless they are less tacky or if they are pigmented enough to wear as a lipstick/lipstain. 

After browsing through Carousell, I scored a deal for this brand new Chanel Rouge Allure Lip in shade 60 - Exces. I didn't hesitate because this was a steal and because if I really couldn't stand it, at least I had a good prop for photo taking. 

The Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Gloss in 60 Exces came packaged in a luxurious black and gold cardboard box. The product itself was housed in a lacquered sleek rectangular packaging which felt pretty sturdy and of a good quality. 
You're really paying for quality when you get yourself a Chanel. 

At one end is the label with details of the shade while on the lid is a beautiful Chanel logo emblazoned in gold. Pretty lux! The lid is a twist off kind, like most conventional lipglosses.

The Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Gloss in Exces swatches a true red. This very versatile red makes it easily wearable and probably suits everybody. Unfortunately, it is also a red that is easily dupeable so look through your stashes of lipgloss/lipstick. 

On my pigmented lips, it fared less as well as it did on an arm swatch. The Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Gloss in Exces came off very sheer and shiny. It was easy to apply and doesn't appear patchy in places, as the doe foot applicator and formula is consistent enough. However, it isn't the true red as seen in the swatches although color can be build up with more layers of gloss. 

I didn't do so because.. I don't like having sticky lips.

Here is how it looks on me. 
I guess the color is pretty natural and I kind of like the overall effect. The shade isn't too overwhelmingly red and could grow on you after awhile. 
The gloss has a slight floral? smell which isn't unpleasant. 

The only cons is that it doesn't really lasts all that long on me and I find that I have to reapply everytime I eat/drink. It does leave a slight red stain after drinks so... 

The only thing I like about the formula is the moisturising property! 
I find that this keeps my chapped lips moisturised and really soft after application. Which doesn't happen when I use mattes/normal lipstick or even other brands of lipgloss. 

Because I also wanted to see how the Chanel Rouge Allure lip gloss would fare over matte lipstick, if I wanted a glossier finish, I paired it with Colourpop Bichette. 
On top is the swatch of bichette alone and bichette with Exces. 

Bichette only. 
It is a matte but has a sheen to it. It goes on extra smooth after application of the lip gloss. I wipe off the gloss before applying Bichette and it glided smoothly. Before, all matte lipstick would slightly drag or tug on my very dry lips.

Bichette with Exces. 
Can I just say I love how this pairing looks? 
It looks like a candied apple and I love how glossy yet totally vampy it looks. Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Gloss in Exces is a good red shade to match up to all the other reds you may have to give them that extra shine and dimension. It doesn't feel too heavy on your lips when you layer the two together so I am pretty pleased with the combination. 

Here is how it looks like on me! 
I love the overall look. Sometimes I just want that little bit of shine to my lips and the Chanel Rouge allure lip gloss can do just that. It is a shame that I don't use lip gloss often because of the tackiness. 

Why can't they invent a non-sticky lip gloss already?!

I can guess what is the hype about for the Chanel Rouge Allure Lip gloss range. 
They are moisturising and have the prettiest packaging ever. The color is not bad but not the most pigmented lip glosses I have tried out so far. The shade I chosen was also easily comparable to other shades in the market. 

The actual retail prices for this, may set you back quite a fair bit, being Chanel. 
I would say that you can definitely forgo this color and choose for a cheaper alternative if you are an occasional lip gloss lover. But if you're a fanatic and you don't mind the occasional splurge, you can try out this Chanel Rouge Allure Lip gloss. 

I hope you enjoy this review! I have since bought a Chanel lipstick but haven't used it yet so do keep a look out in this space for any updates! 


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