Sunday, 30 August 2015

#405; DollyWink Liquid Liners

Heyya! It's great to take some time off from preparing for my exams, to do this post. I've been procrastinating and finally gotten round to reviewing BOTH the Dolly Wink Liquid Liners in both dark brown and deep black. 

I bought them both from Johor and they cost about RM89.90 although they are also retailing in Watsons for SGD$21.90?

The Dolly Wink liquid liner comes in the prettiest and lady-like packaging. The deep black is the pink with gold lace trimmings while the dark brown liquid liner is in the lilac with dark brown lace trimmings. I personally prefer the pink because it's my favorite color!

When you give them a shake, there's this "ball" thing that ensures the liquid liner doesn't dry out and keeps the liners running for a long time! I find that the Dolly Wink liquid liners last me about 4-5 months of daily usage! So I would say that is prettyyyy awesome.

The Dolly Wink Liquid liners has a fine tip that is soft but sturdy enough to create dramatic lines with minimal tugging. I swear by these liners because they are da bomb! 
The fine tip allows you to reach your inner corner without giving you panda eyes!

Click to enlarge! 
With the fine tip, you are able to create thin and thick lines to your preference. After all, precision is the main priority for a good liquid liner. With water it doesn't really smudge but rubbing it with applied force will cause it to smudge and eventually be rubbed away. 
But then again, nobody will rub thaat hard, my wrists are red!

I like to wear my liners with primer so they last longer and are more resistant to sweat and oil. So I don't have a problem with them not lasting. They do smudge and cause a little fall out when I use eye drops, but nothing too dramatic and nothing I can't touch up. 

This is how the dark brown Dolly Wink Liquid liner looks like on my eye. It is a soft but defined look and I like that it isn't as harsh as its black counterpart. The dark brown is elegant without being too overly dramatic. The tip allows you to draw great winged eyeliners!

They do look a bit dark in photos but are really soft yet precise and sharp in real life. I love how the dark brown liner looks against a soft neutral and bright shadow look. 
I also like how natural it can be if I made my liner thinner. Compared to the old Dolly Wink liquid liners, the dark brown has improved drastically. The color is darker and more consistent and I just love this!

The deep black liner looks like its dark brown one but this is a very harsh and deep black in real life. This looks great paired with a darker smokier look as they stand out much better. 
Again, precise wings! I like. 

You can see how much more defined this makeup looks. It is a bit more harsh and dramatic and is suitable for a day out. I would choose to use the dark brown for work and the black for nights out because then, I wouldn't feel too over made up for work/school. 

Overall, the formulations are better with the new and improved Dolly Wink Liquid liners and I love them better now, then before. I would definitely repurchase these and have already being an avid user of the Dolly Wink Liquid liners since I embarked on my makeup journey!

Would you give them a try? Which do you like best? Dark brown or deep black?

Until next time!


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