Thursday, 17 September 2015

#407; Sponsored Advertorial- Essential Leave On Treatment

If you ever read through my blog posts, you will know that I constantly complain about my frizzy hair. And I am so glad that I can finally combat it with these Essential Leave On Treatment that are really.. essential for problematic hair.

Thanks to the team at the Sample Store, I gotten my hands on the Essential CC Oil and Night Care Milk pictured above. The two promises to give you smooth and manageable hair.

Do you know that your hair is subjected to five stresses that prevent you from attaining that enviable sleek tresses??

Blow drying your wet hair will damage your hair both inside and out. Your hair will be brittle and really dry. Which is what happens to me because I like to blow dry my hair... :/ I realise I get a lot of split ends from blow drying and I guess it is due to the fact that I didn't protect my hair before subjecting it to such torture. 

Before blow drying my hair, I like to comb through so I can get straighter locks but omg. Can you believe how shock I get when I comb out a whole knot of hair? I battle a little hair loss problem after shampooing and this is due to combing my hair when my follicles are at its weakest .__. 

Ahh... Hair mistakes.

And when you combine blow drying with other factors such as the environment or not protecting your hair after it is chemically treated, you will get LOADS of split ends. I have so many that I can't grow my hair to the length I really want.. 

Split ends are when the ends of your hair split into two or more parts because the ends are the oldest and the driest part, so they need extra protection!

When you tie your hair really tight into a ponytail or even a bun, you stress your hair and it can cause breakage. Hair breakage can also occur with frequent blow drying or subjecting it to curling/straightening. 

And the problem that bugs me the most would be dryness of my hair. 
My frizzy hair is not smooth to comb through and I find that it tangles easily because of the chemical treatment and bad hair practices. 

Luckily for the girls who commit the same offences against your locks, Essential has come up with the CC oil that leaves your hair smooth and tangle-free! Like I just realize, I exhibit all the five stresses to my hair ._. 

It is light weight and non greasy after application and smells wonderful. 
The product is dispensed via a pump system and it is best to apply to towel-dried or damp hair for the best result. Since this is a leave-on treatment, you don't have to rinse it off!

After using the Essential CC Oil for a few days, I realize that my hair is really much more manageable and smoother. I would say that my hair is much straighter than before even though I didn't use a straightening iron and it is also visibly less frizzy than before. Can we just marvel how a few days of diligent hair treatment can go such a long way?

The bottle is also convenient to tote around for travel and even to the gym!

The Essential CC Oil can be bought at all leading departmental stores or personal care stores @ $11.90 for 60ml! Which is a tiny sum to pay for good hair day, everyday!

Besides the Essential CC Oil to protect your hair throughout the day, we girls, need extra protection for night time. Our long hair and our sleeping pattern causes us to toss and turn and create pillow friction. 

This causes super puffy and ugly bed hair!!
Which calls for the Essential Night Care Milk!

Just rolling around in bed during the afternoon can generate such a "bed" hair day for me.

To combat pillow friction, my auntie used to wrap her pillow with silk to lessen the friction. But I am too lazy and too broke for that, so I will just make do with the Essential Night Care Milk. This cuticle coat protection will leave your hair smooth so you can wake up with manageable hair!

Both the Essential CC oil and night care milk contain hair supplement oil which is similar to hair's natural oil (not the greasy kind ah! but the good kind)

It is non greasy and again smells wonderful. I like to use this before I go to bed although you can use this on damp and even on dry hair as it is a cream based product. Good for me because I will forget and I can just grab this and put it on before I go to bed. 

The Essential Night care milk costs $11.90 for 100ml and let's be serious here. Prevention is better than cure. I will definitely take better care of my tresses because I want swoon-worthy hair that will make people jealous! 

Overall, the CC Oil really does work for me and I think that it is not an expensive price to pay for good hair. While the Night Care milk only smoothen out my hair but does not really help in relieving that "bed hair puffiness" that I get. Using the two together gives the best result and keeps my hair perfect and fresh smelling all day long!

Just a heads up that you can win attractive prices if you play the Essential Mane Hero game! I've tried it and it is super fun, so just give it a go! :D Link is here~

Who knows? You may win bigggg prizes!


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