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#408; 65Daigou, your trusted agent

I have been shopping like crazy nowadays because I have been beyond stress from assignments and exams. So naturally, this is hurting my bank account like crazyyy. Luckily for me, I rediscovered my love for shopping at Taobao. Super convenient because I can take study breaks and shop without stepping out of my house!

Like I know you heard of horror stories from Taobao but it is not that bad if you find the right seller! Because most blogshop actually take supplies from Taobao (ahem, a certain "free" shop do get their clothes from China). In fact, you can get everything at waaay cheaper and there are more variety and sizes. 

Also not kidding that you can find everything there. Really everything and anything!
I was bored and type in "pug". They actually sell REAL LIFE pug puppies?!?!?!
Everyone is shopping and shipping stuff from overseas now. Because nothing beats online shopping and the thrill of waiting for your new and super cheap loots to clear custom xD

Now, shopping and shipping from Taobao can be much of a hassle especially if you can't read Chinese. Throughout the years, I have used a variety of Taobao agent and 65Daigou is by far, the most efficient and the most convenient agent I've used. Other agent-client services have long waiting time and their shipping fee is das expensive.

Last time, yes last time because it was three years back when I first started shopping at Taobao, the site didn't offer shipping to Singapore and you had to use an agent and also a China/Alipay account? Now, Taobao wants to cater to more business overseas and thus, some sellers do ship to Singapore. However, the fees you pay to Taobao is definitely more than what you pay when you shop with 65Daigou

Here is a simple chart to highlight the differences between shipping with Taobao and 65Daigou. Between the two methods of shopping at Taobao, you can see the savings you make between the shipping fees and methods. 65Daigou also offer Sea shipping to ship bulky items like shoes/table/chairs/furnitures at a much cheaper rate. They also offer express service so you can get your items in a shorter time frame. 

Before being approached to do this advertorial for them, I shopped with 65Daigou on numerous occasion and I don't ever have to worry about them messing up my order because they inspect and repack my orders so I can pay the least shipping fees. I actually ordered 18 items once and not an item was missing or wrong! What's that for efficient!

You can also be assured that you don't have to liase with the sellers who only communicate in Chinese when you shop with an agent. They will do all the liasing and purchasing for you. 

The only downside is that you have to pay 8% agent fee although this is a nominal fee to pay when you consider all the benefits and the ease of shopping with 65Daigou

So we have come to the most important part, how to shop with 65Daigou. Usually, I find for the item I want at the cheapest price and with real life feedback from their customers. If I feel that the item is legit and has pretty good feedback, I will buy from the seller. 

Take for example this polaroid printer case which costs SGD$15 but is only SGD$2.02 from Taobao. WUTTT.

Just copy the link of the page and input into that orange box that says "please paste url here" and click on the buy for me. You will get a page as above with the details of the item. Simply select the size or design (if any) and the shipping method as well as warehouse. They have two warehouses in Shanghai and Guangzhou which caters to most sellers in the area, so you can ship your items even faster to Singapore. 

Once you check out and make payment, you can monitor your order on the website!
Or.... their most amazing invention yet! The 65Daigou app!

To shop via their app, simply copy the link and they will prompt you whenever you enter their app. 

Once you check out, you will be prompted to make payment for your orders. 

Here is how I top up. Simply select a bank and the amount for your purchases and you can make the transfer via ibanking or even through credit card. Once done, you will receive an sms and email telling you that you have successfully top up your account. 

Like this!

Then the wait begins as you track your order from shipping to arriving at the warehouse before finally submitting all the orders to ship over to Singapore! Once your item arrives in Singapore, you can opt for neighborhood collection, which is super convenient, or even collect at their warehouse. They have a super cute warehouse at Dhouby Ghaut Exchange which is super convenient and super close to my school. Much love!

Item generally arrives within 7-9 working days via economy air! My Favourite shipping method! 

This is how convenient the app is! And you can download it from the app store or the Google Play store. 

Now, which Taobao agent has such an easy application and shopping platform?
You can totally trust 65Daigou with your Taobao purchases because ..

1) They are trustworthy
They make sure your items reach your hands in perfect condition and without error. They have been in this line of business for years and the fact that they have serve thousands of satisfied customer is proof to their success. Their customer service is also super friendly and fast in verifying payment and answering enquiries. 

2) Convenient
Hello, application and tracking of orders :3
Nuff said. 
They have 130+ collection points in Singapore and its free so...
I have one collection point opposite my house hur. And even if you are really busy to collect, they also do delivery to your house for a flat fee of $5. 

3) Lowest shipping fee
COME ON. $1.99 for air shipping?! Back in the days, air shipping cost like almost $3-4 per 500g. Some Taobao agent are still using that rate making shopping at Taobao, really expensive if you are buying a lot. They also have no base charge, for a more detailed explanation for base charges, you can read their FAQ here!

4) China, Taiwan, USA!
65Daigou takes in order from China (Taobao), Taiwan and even USA. Some very famous USA shops you can shop at, includes colourpop, drugstore, Disney, forever21 and the list goes on...

Don't wait and start shopping at Taobao with 65Daigou, your trusted agent.
Or if you aren't convinced, you can see their satisfied customers on their Facebook page or even Instagram

Now I can't wait to get my loots and show them off! 


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