Wednesday, 23 September 2015

#409; Sponsored Ad - Kotex Luxe

This is a sensitive posts for the ladies reading this space!
We all have that time of the month and let's be honest, we will experience a few times when your period just leaks out, no matter how long or how thick your sanitary napkin is.

Heck, I've worn 40cm pad and still managed to stain my undies ._.
So when I received the Kotex LUXE pad, I was sceptical.
Kotex was the very first brand I've used and I will admit that I'm not very impressed last time, because I was using a "junior" pad with all these girl patterns and they just tore apart every time I tried to take them off my undies. Just imagining that scene brings back a bout of fresh shudders.

However, I'm always up for another try and their LUXE packaging and concept does sound solid enough for me to warrant another try into their brand! 

Here is how the Kotex LUXE day looks like!
It is packaged in a sleek black packaging with drawstrings at the side. 

And when you open up the packaging, the pads are in a myriad of colours that are bound to cheer you up!

I mean just look at them, aren't they just so cheerful?
These are Super thin by the way!
They are 24cm and there are 16 in a package. Retailing at $5.95, you can get these from Watsons, Guardians or any good convenience stores/supermarkets.

I especially love these for the third-fifth day when the period isn't that heavy and you wouldn't want to waste a good long pad for the flow. 

And to the most important pads that you'll need!
The one to absorb all your heavy flow is the Kotex LUXE night sanitary napkins.
These are longer, 32 cm and there are lesser pieces, only 12 in a package. However, quality is what matters most when selecting the perfect companion for your period.

Likewise, these retails for $5.95 per pack and can be bought at all leading convenient stores/personal care stores or supermarkets! 

Alike the day/regular flow pads, the Kotex LUXE heavy flow/night pads are also packaged in colourful wrappers!

Comparing them side by side, here is how the Kotex LUXE day and night differ in terms of size.
However, both of them are Super thin! I always love thinner napkins because then, you wouldn't have the unsightly "pad line" when you wear shorts or tighter dresses. Anyone feel me? 

Trying out the Kotex LUXE night pads, they are really absorbent for their thinness, which is a surprise because I always had this belief that thicker pads are more absorbent!
They are also patterned with flowers and do not cause irritation or even tore like the first time I tried  out their pads!

Good job! Or am I more experienced now?

Either way, I'm extremely impressed and can go so far to say that I'll definitely repurchase these after I'm done. Good things come in small packages and I can say so for the Kotex LUXE!
Their drawstring bag are innovative and make it extremely convenient for storage plus they aren't unsightly! Perfect if you're going for a vacation too!

Say goodbye to overnight leakage with these pads!
Because these are the pads that will help you realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault!

You can redeem a sample to try out on your own at the Sample Store, link here!

Go ahead and try these out to believe it! 


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