Wednesday, 23 September 2015

#410; Sponsored Advert - Sammy Dress

Hey girls! :D
Ive been approached to do an advert with Sammy Dress and you can take a look at their website by clicking on their name!

Sammy Dress is a huge website that caters to all, if not, most of your needs. They have items for women and men including jewelry, bags, shoes, watches and even things for weddings and special events!

With such a wide array of categories to shop from, I decided to pick out a few favorites from the makeup tools section because hey, I am a beauty blogger after all and makeup tools are really pricey to buy in retail!

So here is how the site looks like!
They ship worldwide and you can be assured of their service by reading through their feedbacks located at the bottom of the webpage or through each specific product review!

Below are a few favorites that I especially like from Sammy Dress makeup tools section!

The ever famous beauty blender!
I like how these comes in so many shades. In Sephora, the beauty blender costs you SGD$30 but at Sammy Dress, you can get these at only

Yes!! You can get these for less than SGD$5 each! I especially like the lilac one because it is such a unique colour.

I have a hot pink beauty blender and it costs too much to replace so I might just get myself one of these cuties in all the colour of the rainbow :x

The second product that caught my eyes are these professional makeup eye brush set.
They are really pretty and each brush will definitely add more definition to my makeup. Currently, I have a set of eye brushes that are really expensive and they are only a few brushes to work with.

Sammy Dress has two options for the eye makeup brushes: gold and rose gold. And for the price of SGD$10, you get 20 brushes to add more flair to your makeup!

P.S: They kind of remind me of Zoeva Rose gold brushes which costs an arm and a leg to get

Last but not least, I am seriously lacking in this department but I need a set of face brushes!
These wooden brushes with a pouch are seriously pretty!
I purchased one brush which is slightly similar for SGD$20 OMG.

But at Sammy Dress, they are only SGD$9+ for such good quality brushes.
You can check out their customer reviews because all of them say that they are soft and really good quality!

Overall, all the items on Sammy Dress are worth taking a look at because you never know what treasure you might find at a steal! Dont wait and shop here now!

You may also check out Sammy Dress Facebook page and Instagram to check out what other customers are wearing/bought (because thats what I did! :x)

Happy shopping! 


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