Tuesday, 29 September 2015

#411; WCWT - Sunday Folks

I'm sorry about the past weeks of adverts after adverts! I just ended my tiny term break and had to rush through all the deadlines before my school starts again. 
Today will be a personal post so I'm definitely looking forward to it! It has been long since the last wcwt and I procrastinated too long before finally putting this up. So do enjoy!

Sunday Folks is a relatively famous waffle and ice cream place. We headed there for desserts after dinner and the place was packed. Luckily, we only needed to wait for about 5 minutes before we were given a seat in a tiny corner of the shop. I didn't take too much photo of the interior because there was just too many people and I didn't want to look "suaku". 

The menu is simple and most of the furnishing is close to a modern, feel at home theme. Of course, we had to try their signature waffles and ice cream!

"Not all those who wander are lost" 
Especially true for Sunday Folks because they are tuck away in a quaint little neighborhood opposite the bustling Holland Village. The waitress serving us is extremely friendly and approachable and even recommended us to their best sellers and ice cream flavors when we told her we were first time customer. A for service! 

Chubby Cheeks took this photo of me while I was pondering which ice cream and toppings to add on. Beside waffles and ice cream, they do sell cakes as well. Establishing themselves as a dessert store not to be missed. The price range is also pretty affordable, ranging from about $8+ for waffles with ice cream.

This was a surprise because I didn't know Chubby Cheeks ordered this. This moist chocolate cake contains liquor and the liquor is a bit overwhelming, covering most of the chocolate taste. I thought it was okay but he hated it. Money wasted imo because the alcohol taste was a little strong for both our liking. 

My really pretty waffle with strawberries, blueberries, nama chocolate and pistachio ice cream on top! The waitress recommended this and the pistachio is a little odd on its own but blends well as a whole with the waffle. While the nama chocolate is really cute sized! Overall, really good!

If I'm not wrong, Chubby Cheeks took the Sea Salt caramel ice cream and added the two pocky stick looking things as his topping. The pocky sticks are coconut shavings and taste pretty good. His waffle combination tasted better mine though.. Ah life of a person who chooses to go for the unconventional stuff. 

Overall, the waffles is chewy and crispy on the outside while remaining soft inside. I love it!
In fact, I would return again for more if I wasn't on my annual diet ...

Overall, the chubbies approved on this sugar fueled trip. Their waffles is a must have and you can choose to have two or just one. 
There are also a few restaurants and dessert places along the tiny road that Sunday Folks is on.
We recommend going there during the weekday afternoon when the crowd isn't that bad!

Overall, Sunday Folks is an instagram worthy dessert stop. You can visit them on their website, Sunday Folks for opening hours and address. 

I would definitely head there again for a nice serving of their delectable waffles and crafted ice cream flavors!


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