Monday, 19 October 2015

#413; Sponsored - Biore Aqua Rich UV Gel

Okay! I know this is something most girls don't use and even if they do use, they don't reach for it daily, but hear me out. I have been using makeup since the age of 15 and I only started using a sunblock daily, since I was 17. Shockingly, 30% of women don't find the need to use sunblock but that is wrong!

Exposing yourself to UV rays is not only harmful to you (because hello, skin cancer?!) but also because you can cause your skin to age prematurely. Sorry, I don't have $$ for botox so I'd rather invest a little more on skincare and sunblock! My mum and dad both have very prominent sun spot because of this. My dad even have freckles on his hand ._.

Introducing the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel. It comes packaged in a simple baby blue bottle with a white cap.
Biore has come up with a whole range of new and improved sunscreen product, offering the best UV protection. Their SPF 50+ and PA ++++ offers the highest double level of protection against UVA and UVB rays.

It comes in a nozzle type making it easy for application and to dispense the product out. Just in case you guys think I am lying about my "suncreen journey", I have used products from The Face Shop and Nuxe. So I am pretty qualified to give my two cents about the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel!

Dispensing a bit on my hand to test the consistency, I can say that it is very light and fluid. Reading through the product guideline, I am pleased to announce that this is dual purpose! You can use this on your face and body.

What a relief because I am two toned. I believe in protecting my face but didn't think about protecting the rest of my body ... With the Biore Aqua Rich UV Gel, you are technically getting two products for the price of one.

Can we just see it to believe it? As labelled my before and after, I didn't really thought it would make much of a difference but it did. The Biore Aqua Rich UV Gel can be used as a makeup base too!

As for my thoughts, the first thing that struck me was how easy it is to apply and absorb into my skin. Because of its light and watery consistency, it is not sticky and is easily absorbed. The second thing that struck me was that this... smells like lemon meringue tarts :p 
It has a citrus smell that is definitely pleasing and not at all like mama lemon, in case you guys were wondering. 

I felt extremely fresh and reapplication is also a breeze. My skin is also prone to dryness around breakout areas but with this, I didn't find any dry skin so I guess this has hydrating properties! I also like how I didn't break out at all! YAS. 

Singapore is located near the equator so we don't get seasonal change. With such a sunny weather, we should take care of ourselves and apply ample amount of sunblock to protect against harmful UV rays. 

So "Protect yourself for sunny days ahead with Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Series!" because if you don't take good care of yourself, who will? 

Just try this out if you haven't experience sunscreen/sunblock. You wouldn't regret this one bit. The price is also affordable at S$18.90/90ml. You can get them at all leading supermarket, Watsons, Guardians and personal care store. 

Would I purchase this after I am done? Definitely. 
Because it is affordable and serves its purpose well. And because it is a sunscreen that really works. The duality of this product also plays an important part in my purchase decision. I'd rate this 9/10. 


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