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#414; Sponsored Review - Faith in Face Mask

When I first heard of the Faith in Face, my first thought was so vintage! And then I read up about their brand background and I can honestly say that I am totally supporting their cause and motto "Have Faith in Face, Origin of Beauty".

Can you believe that FINALLY a brand got it right?! Cosmetics are enhancements to your already natural beauty and not a modification of your face. Ah... you have my support there. 

If you are a frequent Watsons shopper, you will definitely notice these mask which are just tugging at all of my heart strings for their vintage and whimsical product names. I was lucky enough to be sent a pack of 3 different masks from Faith in Face for review. 

This is the Black & White Film Star, a whitening mask. 

The Nourish Me mask to give that extra bit of nourishment and to maintain your beautiful skin.

And last but not least, the After Shower Look for soothing and moisturising properties. 
All the mask contain organic extracts!

The packaging and the whole concept of Faith in Face is just... gorgeous. It inspired me so much. 

Some extra tidbits to read to help you choose on of these masks! I especially love hydration and whitening mask so I am definitely looking forward to trying the two out. 

When I first gotten them, I didn't know what was a hydrogel mask was. But the Faith in Face is apparently the No. 1 Hydrogel Mask brand in Korea. 

It is actually really simple to use.
After opening the mask, there is two pieces inside. 
Each piece is wrapped with two "paper" thing and has A LOT of moisture. Peel off both paper and simply adhere the hydrogel mask (the smoother side with the gel) on to your face. 
The other piece is for the mouth part. 

Because of the separate pieces, I felt like the mask was really fitted to my face and didn't slide off or crease easily. The hydrogel mask is really cooling and I LOVE IT! 

I tried out both the After Shower Look and the Black & White Film Star mask on two separate occasion but can we just look at the difference before and after?
My face is much fairer and you can see that added touch of hydration *heh*

On my fairest judgement of my first hydrogel mask:
This is my first ever hydrogel mask so I have nothing to compare it to except for the conventional paper and wash-off mask. The Faith in Face hydrogel mask is easy to use even though I am new at this and it tightens my face slightly. It really lives up to its claims with hydration and whitening. I didn't have enough time to use Nourish Me yet but it should be as good as the other two I have tested. Because of the Hydrogel nature, it is cooling and the properties and healthy extracts of the mask is easily absorbed into my mask for that touch of extra radiance. I don't think I will ever go back to conventional paper and wash-off masks after this because they just don't give the same result.

There are a total of five different types of masks to choose from, those that are listed here as well as: 
Miss Invisible pore
- for tightening of your pores to achieve that smooth baby face 
Hold me Tight
- for lifting and firming and to maintain the elasticity of your face

Drop by Watsons to take a look because these are definitely worth the $14.50 for a pack of 3! 
You will get a box of three similar masks! My variant pack was packed for me to get to try more types :p But my personal favorite is the After Shower hydrogel mask. 

Like I said, the Faith in Face packaging is just so.. inspiring that I put together this look. 
Got emit the vintage vibes???

Do go like the Faith in Face Facebook page here, because you can find extra product information about the five different types of masks. Plus, you'd never know if they might do a giveaway for this awesome mask. 

Will I purchase? 
My personal recommendation would be the After Shower mask because the haze got everyone skin breaking out and result in dry and patchy dull skin. 


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