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#415; Sponsored Review - 65Daigou & My Loots

So remember the guide to 65Daigou I made a few weeks back?
My loots from that bout of shopping spree is here and I wanted to review them!

This is the item that I was most excited about among my loots :x 
I finally bought a Instax Share SP-1 crystal case for only SGD$2.02!!! That is friggin cheap okay. 
Even with agent fees and shipping fees, it is still super cheap compared to those box place or shops selling instax accessories. This crystal case actually retails at these shops for SGD$13.90? 

As to the quality, the case is easy to open and fits my Instax printer perfectly! No cracks or defects and even come with a strap! Now I can stop worrying if my Instax printer film compartment gets opened easily. 

I also bought this cable to supply power to my Instax printer. 
The CR-2 battery is very expensive to purchase, retailing at 1 for $6.90 and my printer requires two. So I decided to get the Caiul cable which supplies power from a powerbank or even a 3-pin plug that has a USB port. The cable only costs me $3.14 but I've seen it retailed for $7.90..

The shop I've shopped at in Taobao even sell CR-2 batteries that are rechargeable :x So I might just get one of those.

And yes, in case you are wondering, the cable works perfectly to supply power to my Instax share printer! My batteries are dead so the cable is really convenient and economical because I don't have to keep splurging on batteries!

The next thing I bought was this cropped lace camisole that is just so pretty and perfect for Singapore's humid weather!
This costs $11.01 but the lace and the chiffon quality is really good! Forever21 has a similar piece retailing at $20+ so that's a hefty savings of $10++

The lace detailing is so cute. Totally loving my new top!

I initially wanted to pair the top with this skirt but this skirt was too short for me :/ 
Instead I will review on the quality of it. This is a tweed material which is really really good. It wasn't coarse and the workmanship is seriously good for the price paid, $8.97. Blogshops as well as retail shops are selling this type of skirt for almost $20-30!

I gave this skirt to my mum who loves it! :p

Next up, I ordered this super adorable bee top that comes with a matching shorts! I bought a set for Chubby Cheeks too but he is abit of a chub so he has to do some slimming before he can fit! This fits perfectly for me and the quality is good. My only qualms is that... WHY ARE ALL THE BEES FLYING UPSIDE DOWN?! This cost $6.23 for a set of a top and shorts and sleep/couplewear like this generally costs $15-20 without even giving you matchy shorts!

My matchy bee shorts! :x

Last but not least, I bought this floppy hat with a cute ribbon!
The quality is really good and I've seen blogshops selling this at $15-20 while I only got mine at $5.12. 

Fits perfectly and so cute. 

I've purchased all these at such a great savings and got them shipped  via economy air which only costs $1.99/500g. In total, my whole purchase cost $5.97 to ship and plus agent fee is about $9+ but I used my credits to offset the agent fees so I only needed to pay a very nominal fee!
So much savings to be made plz!

The whole process actually took a week and a half to complete. The item was shipped from the seller to the warehouse and that is where inspection of the item took place. Inspection of your item is extremely important because the sellers may send the wrong design or the wrong size and you wouldn't like to wait to get an incorrect item right?!

Here's a true story of my 65Daigou experience and how the inspection did help me avoid that problem:
I bought from 65Daigou a few times and this time round, one seller happened to send me the wrong design. The inspection team set about asking me if I was okay with the design or if I wanted an exchange and I decided that I could wait. The inspection team liased with the seller for the exchange and I got my right items a few days later! I couldn't imagine the sheer terror of getting a wrong design and feeling flustered so I really want to thank the team at 65Daigou for always putting my mind at ease! With the inspection, you don't have to worry about speaking with the seller if they happen to give you the wrong item. Instead, just sit back and relax while the inspection team carry out all their check for you. They are very concise and will check sizing, defects and design but quality and measurements is not guaranteed so always check the sellers' review first!

65Daigou has now made your shopping experience even more smooth and hassle free with the new Ezbuy function! For those who are not very good in Chinese, don't fret because their partner shops, featured collection and hot category are all in English! 

With the partner shops, you can get rebates of up to 20% so that's really good for those who prefer a bit more cash savings. While their featured collection offer the latest in-trend items and categories such as prom dresses and K-Pop items! Totally loving shopping and scrolling through the items there. This is definitely the new Taobao Shopping experience and I have yet to see another Taobao agent offering such a service!

If you are very concerned about spending too much on the items and shipping and agent fees. Fret not!
11.11 is coming soon and this is when Taobao will have a crazy sales! Like on average my items are $5-10 so can you just imagine the savings you will get from this upcoming sales?!?! With that in mind, why not choose 65Daigou as your preferred agent to shop with?

I actually shopped with a few agents before and they are either REALLY expensive or don't do any inspection and I get the items damaged. 65Daigou really exceeded all my expectations because the shipping is fast (I always get my items before the ETA time) and their customer service is top notch. Plus with their EZbuy function, it is even easier to shop with them for non-chinese speaking readers and potential customers :p

Don't wait anymore and start your 65Daigou experience today by signing up for an account! I promise you won't regret it.
You can check out 65Daigou Instagram and Facebook page for occasional giveaways!


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