Wednesday, 11 November 2015

#416; Funny things that Chubby Cheeks say or do

I'm back from travelling so I decided to post something up while preparing up the next few posts :x So I decided to do this compilation of funny things that Chubby Cheeks say or do. 

Chubby Cheeks: I honestly need to find a good job already.
Me: Why? This job you're working now, not good enough meh?
Chubby Cheeks: Okay la. But $1.1k per month how to survive? I can't possibly earn so little for so long. What if I turn 30 but we still haven't get married yet? I think by that time, you wouldn't want me and I would have to find some bride from Vietnam or China.... 


On a separate occasion, Chubby Cheeks told me about one lonely day when he ate alone and decided to tapau some meager and frugal dinner back home.

Him: I bought home "pau" from 7-11 because I wanted to save money to go out with you. 
Me: Awww... but why?! You eat so little. What if you're hungry?! How are you supposed to be full on one pau only?! Your house got nothing to eat? Didn't mum or ah ma cook?
Him: Its okay la, I was quite full actually. You know how pau can't really fill me right? But I ate four la so still ok. 
Me: wtf. four?
Him: *sheepish grin* I took two chicken pau then I saw that there was curry chicken pau. The last two left so I had to take two. After the third pau, I was really full but I didn't want to waste food so I ate all the pau.
Me: .........


That's all for now, I have to go back to my report before I fly off :<
Really such a mood killer having to pack and do work at the same time. 

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