Thursday, 17 December 2015

#419; Merry Christmas with Althea!

If you haven't started your Christmas shopping and have no idea what to gift to your loved ones, why not shop at Althea! I first chanced upon Althea when they had their S$10 credit promotion although it has now ended. Fret not, because there are more Christmas offers in this post!

I placed my order on 1 December and gotten my orders shipped right to my doorsteps within a few days! However, I only gotten to blogging about it now because of my finals :x My order came in their limited edition Christmas box!

Click to enlarge but can we just take a moment to squeal and appreciate how pretty this box is? 
Christmas is my favorite season because of the weather and because of the food :x So I absolutely feel extra festive with this box. *breaks into festive songs*

The box was slightly dented because of the handling but they tried to prevent it by bubble wrapping the entire box. 

This is all that I've ordered!
Althea was kind enough to gift me SGD$50 to shop but I had the SGD$10 from their previous promotion. In total, this was SGD$67 worth of orders! I was absolutely thrilled to receive so many products, it was like an early Christmas gift! 

Upon opening the box, there are pastel pink crepe paper lining the box and each item was bubble wrapped to prevent breakage. I honestly think that Althea's staff are very considerate to bubble wrap even the tiniest hard to break item. 

In no particular order, I ordered this Anti-Winkle Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet because...pugs. 
I have a weakness for pugs and this tugs on my heartstrings like no other masks.
This is from the brand Holika Holika and costs SGD$2.20/mask.
There are four designs in total and you can purchase them here.

I'm not Amanda if I don't order lipsticks. 
So here is my first ever 3CE lipstick! Fret not, all items are guaranteed authentic and I got the shade Cheeky Cheeky from their Pink Rumour Dangerous Matte Lip Color range. I find the packaging extremely cute and pink. Two things I cannot resist. 

There are four shades to choose from and you can purchase them here for SGD$22.

And of course, I had to buy more lip products because who can resist. 
So I purchase the Creamy Tint Lip Mousse from innisfree.
This is in the shade #04 Spring Peach Romance and there are five available shades to choose from. 
I swatched this and it smells absolutely amazing. So I can't wait to try this!
This costs SGD$10.80 and you can purchase them from this link.

This was a splurge because I found this quirky and cute!
I remembered when Too Cool for School is still available in Vivo City but sadly, they closed down. 
I gotten this Dinoplatz Dear. Brachiosaurus. 
This is an oil paper with mirror and a sponge to pick up the oil paper. You can touch up your makeup with the mirror because it is super clear while the size of it makes it easy to tote around! This is what is in my bag and has become my daily essential. 

This is SGD$6 from here.

Previously, I was using Laneige BB Cushion although the refill is a tad bit expensive and hurts my pocket. I wanted to try out the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion for the longest time ever because it is affordable and the refill is also easily available. 
I took this opportunity to purchase one and didn't regret. 
I chose the shade Natural Beige and I am an NC20. 
This is perfect and has pretty buildable coverage and very convenient for days when I want to go lightweight on my makeup or just too lazy to use a foundation. 

And for the price of SGD$15.30, this is definitely a worthy purchase to make! 
Purchase them here!

Last but definitely not the least of my purchases from Althea, is the Etude House Color My Brows. 
This is in the shade Natural Brown and I can tell you this. 
This is my FAVORITE eyebrow product now. Like NOTHING can compare to this... 
Costing SGD$6.30, this is the one product that you must try. Buy them here.

Using these two new products that I've gotten, I absolutely love my complexion now plus my brows *heart shaped eyes*. 
They are just perfect because the brow mascara is so easy to use and to bring around. It stays on all day and does not budge at all. Plus, the brow mascara does not make my brows look very thick, it is super natural in real life.

Previously, the last thing I would do is my brows because it is super hard to have pretty brows especially when I had a mishap with the shaver...
But with this baby, my brows are probably the first thing I do now!

An extra selfie just because... 
I can't believe I didn't shop with Althea sooner because of all the savings I can make from purchasing all my Korean beauty products there.

Shop this Christmas or even for the new year or just for fun, because everybody needs to pamper themselves right? You can have new makeup or skincare and here's a great reason to shop with Althea this season.

Firstly, you get SGD$7 off for purchases above SGD$50 and trust me, it is easy to hit SGD$50 when there are extra festive Christmas products in store. Althea has the latest Korean beauty products and limited edition goods and you better check them out before they are all sold out!

Secondly, FREE SHIPPING above SGD$30.
Previously, I will admit that I wasn't tempted to shop because their free shipping was for purchases above SGD$50 and I couldn't hit that target because I was broke and don't have enough girlfriends who would want to combine orders with me :x But with this promo, I will definitely place another orders from my own savings to take advantage of this great promo!

And come on. 
You guys already seen their limited edition Christmas box.
I would love to get another one in green just because... 
They also have limited and exclusive Christmas promotions so join their mailer because sometimes its like 1+1 for the price of 1 item or like limited edition and exclusive packaging! Super attractive one lor. 

Althea, just take my money already! *throws whole bank account*

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