Friday, 8 January 2016

#421; Life and Lemonade

I haven't been updating and I didn't want to do a slipshod work on my makeup reviews because I wanted to keep this space as professional and well-detailed as can be. Thus, I decided to just do a short update on my life so far.

I went to Bangkok and had the greatest shopping trip of my life then came home and celebrated Christmas with my family. Mum bought me the perfume that I honestly love so much and have being eyeing ever since I gotten a tiny sample. She bought the Gucci Floral in Gorgeous Gardenia that I absolutely love. Dad got me a Daniel Wellington watch after much pestering :x and Sister got me the latest Lang Leav book because...I am a deeply poetic person like that.

On to life matters.
I have now officially graduated from UOP and am now just waiting for my final term results. To be frank, the auditing paper for my last sem was the paper that I was most worried about because I thought it would be really difficult. The reports that I had to hand up before the dateline was also stressful because I went for a short getaway to Taiwan with my family right after school lets off for the study break. However, I managed to finish both way before their dateline and had ample time for making notes for the exam. I just hope that I am able to sustain my scores and graduate UOP with good scores and *fingers crossed* the first class honors.

I have also been busy binge watching the shows that I denied myself.
Like Arrow and starting Pretty Little Liars just because Netflix has finally landed in Singapore and they have one month of free trial! However, there isn't much selection and I don't know if its just my connection but the graphics are.. zzz. I know Ultra HD or HD need to pay more... but at least maintain?

I will cut this off here and try to prep something good in the next couple of days but I just wanted to holler out that I am not dead yet and Happy 2016!

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