Sunday, 14 February 2016

#426; Alive Museum Part 2

Bow down to your queen!
Haha, just kidding but you can have a taste of what it means to be royalty by heading to Alive Museum. I was kindly invited by Alive Museum to check out their new displays and to play around with the older displays like this one. If you haven't read it already, you can check out my older blogpost detailing my first trip to the 3D interactive museum.

And even though I already went once, the second trip there was as fun as the first, if not better! I took a trip during a weekday so there was really little people around and it was fun to pose around in all sorts of pattern and generally have fun.

Staying true to my self claimed title of the Princess of the Sea.
Below will be photo heaaaaavvvvyyy of me and J and our time at the Alive Museum.

A picture before we went into my favorite exhibition! I realllyyy love the mirror room because it has this really funky music that makes me just so happy and it's like a disco room with the changing lights!

I think you can tell that I am obsessed with the Penguins of Madagascar section in Alive Museum! 
My favorite penguin is Private because he is such a well-mannered penguin. But I had lots of fun posing for pictures with them and it is interesting to see them with our local landmarks like the Merlion or even a rickshaw. 

I also had fun with the older stuff that were close the last time I was here. 

The still screenshot from my slow mo video because this is my second favorite interactive display! It's a mini trampoline and this is super super fun. You are actually supposed to rotate the photo but I thought it would look better like this! Considering I am in a dress ah.

Makes no sense if gravity does not apply to my dress.

Someone call vogue. *flips hair*

When you are severed from your legs :o 

Because we went on a weekday and it wasn't a school holiday, there was hardly anyone around to help us take photos. Thus, we just did this and hope it is enough :x I actually wanted to photoshop myself in but my photoshop skill is not there. 

There was also no staff around to help with the photos so we just anyhow. 

So sad leh, ownself shoot hearts, ownself catch. I think this one is the epitome of "zi lian"/ self-love.

What a face.

This is me. 
Channeling my inner bird.

I honestly think that the second trip, I feel more at ease and relax in the museum but it might also be because there are lesser people around so I am able to be myself. I really like how this trip to the Alive Museum turn out. It also helps that there are more cute and new displays around. 

Alive Museum constantly renew their various attractions and thus, this year, they have the Live.Laugh.Love and Young@Heart zone to celebrate the joy of family and loved ones. 

Towards the end of the whole trip, we managed to find people that helped us to take some photos together. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and you can bring your family or even go as a couple. I am very grateful to Alive Museum for giving me a chance to explore the new displays as well as get a chance to play around with my older and favorite displays! 

If you haven't check out the Alive Museum, you can do so anyday from 10am to 10pm. However, last admissions is 9pm! They are located at Suntec City #03-372 which is next to the Golden Village Cinema so while you are waiting for the movies, why not take a trip to Alive Museum and make some lovely memories? 


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