Tuesday, 8 March 2016

#429; Treasures from the British Museum

If you know where to head to, Singapore can actually be interesting. Having seen some ads for the exhibition "Treasures from the British Museum", me and J were extra excited to go have a look. Because it's like a little piece of the world has decided to make a pit stop at our local National Museum of Singapore. 

As a student, you will get free tickets and this is even applicable to private school student. Extra educational and very friendly on the pocket!

Even though the World is filled with natural wonders, I can't help but marvel about the beauty of the human mind and its capacity to conceive geometric lines, patterns and synchronicity. Architectural structures are the wonders of the human mind and should be celebrated as such. 

The exhibit is located in the basement level of the National Museum of Singapore. There are a lot of photos on display showcasing war and peaceful time. The story behind each photo is amazing and if you have time, you should go and take a look!

In the Treasures from the British Museum exhibit, the exhibits are arranged in a fan shape and we started from the left. It held my favourite relics because I am absolutely enthralled by Egypt's culture. In fact, I came solely because I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a mummy. And I wasn't disappointed. 

Of course I didn't take pictures of the mummy or canopic jars holding the organs of the deceased. I didn't want to accidentally capture any "lost souls". I know it sounds super corny but better safe than sorry. Besides the intricate burial shrouds of the Ancient Egyptian, there was also a page from the Book of the Dead on display.

The whole exhibit is interlinked and as you walk from one area to another. You traverse through the world and through time. I read the exhibit and selected the artifacts to snap pictures of, that weren't potent supernatural items. I mean, there were sacrificial knife, masks that people wore while wearing the skin of their enemies....... You get my drift.

This somehow reminds me of Easter Island many statue. But this is different from them. 
All of the items on display are in really pristine condition due to preservation techniques. In each world zone, there are activity area to let kids learn more about each zone and even areas where there are books about the era of each zone. It is a truly educational experience.

Another fun tidbit that I picked up along the way, is that olden priests of various religion uses hallucinogenic drugs to induce "visions" from gods. 

This beautiful table clock is made of gold.

Gold is highly revered in modern and older society. It symbolizes status and wealth.

I didn't take much photos of everything I have seen because I wanted to just immerse myself in the rich history of the entire exhibition. It really is a treasure trove of history and you shouldn't miss it because it is truly interesting. 

Museum trips are my favourite and I am really glad that Singapore prides itself on fostering museums that embraces arts and culture. The National Museum of Singapore is located near Dhouby Ghaut MRT and is next to YMCA so if you are looking for a good place for a date or just to sight see, why not check it out!

Me and J :x


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