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#431; [Review] More Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip!

This must be the third or fourth time that I am reviewing the Colourpop cosmetics. I can't help it though, because they are constantly coming up with new shades or limited edition seasonal shades. Plus they are constantly collaborating with so many YouTubers or Influencers *heart-eyes*

I hauled these four shades awhile back and since then, they have come up with the satin lip in the same packaging! Which I must try btw because I heard they are so smooth on your lips.

As usual, all the Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick come in a clear packaging with a silver cap and holographic printed logos. The shade names are indicated on stickers at the bottom of the tube. After having them for so long, I realise that the holographic logos do not last. They get scrapped off when I dump them in my makeup pouch..

As for the shades I've gotten for this round of review, they are from L-R:
Scrooge, StingRaye, Bad Habit and More Better. 

The applicators are the normal doe-foot that you get with most liquid lipstick. For an in-depth past review, you can read my review on the Colourpop Bumble/Donut shade here.

Formula wise, I feel that the newer batches are better than the older ones. The older ones are extremely drying and accentuate lip lines. Although the newer ones also accentuate lip lines, I feel that they are less prominent and they are more comfortable to work with. 

For reference, I have labelled the swatches above. 
More Better, Scrooge, Bad Habit, StingRaye.

Let's delve into StingRaye.
This was a collaboration between Colourpop and ItsMyRayeRaye. According to Colourpop website, YouTuber Raye wanted a shade that everyone could feel confident in. This is a mauve brown shade.

A lot of people also compared this to Jeffree Star Androgyny, one of their top seller.  

I never really gotten the trend of mauve brown lips and I don't think it suits me. Maybe because the mauve undertone is cool and my skin tone is already cool. I feel as if it washes my whole face out but it would look absolutely gorgeous on warm skin tone! 
Sad to say, this is the one Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip that I regretted purchasing because it isn't a colour that is flattering on me. 

Next up is a pretty famous shade, Bad Habit.
This is described by Colourpop as a "dusty mauve pink" but I think it leans towards purple. This is a perfect shade for fall and for cooler weathers. It wears beautifully on me and is my third favourite shade out of the bunch I've tried. My first fav would be Bumble.

I like to reach for this colour when I feel like having an impactful lip colour that is not red. Although this is a mauve shade which makes it a little cool, the pinkish red undertone helps to warm my skin tone so it doesn't look all that washed out.

Hello vampy lips! 
Dark lip colours are all the rage last fall/winter and I had to get myself one of these! Also because last year fall/winter in Singapore was exceptionally cooling and I loved the weather. I just had to grab one of these matte lip colour. More better is described as a "deep violet wine" by Colourpop and it is true to description. Think crushed berries and Bordeaux and you roughly get an idea of how this looks.  

It looks absolutely gorgeous but needs a lip liner and extra TLC in order for it to werk!
Having said that, this darker shade allows you to have a more prominent cupid bow plus a whiter complexion and whiter teeth! However, More Better goes gaga after food. I am not even exaggerating. I can scoff down a plate of aglio olio and when I want to touch up my lipstick, I realise I have lipstick stains all around my mouth like a demented clown in May's heat. 

The stains are also too darn hard to clean up. Lesson learnt: More Better does not allow for More food. It is a lipstick that is Better suited for demure sips of drinks or if you are the type, guzzling down beer. Please note that this also does not hold up in a makeout sesh. 

For the foodie in me, this is a lipstick colour/formulation that I love and also hate. Sigh. 

My favourite colour out of the bunch would be Scrooge! *claps hand in delight* 
If I am not mistaken, this is a seasonal shade released for 2015 Fall/Winter collection. Scrooge is described as a "rich rosy pink" and I absolutely love this! This reminds me of a berry smoothie and I can find no fault in this. Because of the red-purple tone, this colour best suits and brighten my skin tone.

I love it. 
If Colourpop made a liquid lipstick out of their I (heart) This lippie stix, it would look closest to this shade. Btw, I really heart I heart this. 

For reference, my lips are very pigmented with a lot of brown tone. My skin tone is a NC30.
I conclude this review by saying that I am now ready to migrate to their satin lips but I will definitely be repurchasing Scrooge and also Bumble from their Ultra Matte collection because these are the two shades that I always reach for in any situation. 

What are your fav out of these four? Let me know down below!


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