Wednesday, 6 April 2016

#432; Everyday Bright Eyes Makeup Pictorial

Happy April! 
2016 has been flying by so quickly and in a blink, we are already in the fourth month of the year. I haven't made any resolutions because I know I don't fulfill them. Instead, I wake up with only one thought and mantra to carry me through the day

"Today is a good day to try something new"

Anyway, on to today's post. I will be doing a makeup pictorial on this look! I haven't had this kind of post in ages because my camera is so off point and because I have no basic knowledge of how to digitally remove all my huge pores.

This look was created using solely the Carli Bybel Palette which I reviewed here.
This palette is by far my favorite palette and the one that I reach for almost automatically when I have no idea what eye look to go for. With the shades inside, you can go from work appropriate to sultry to date night. With that being said, this look is a beautiful and soft brightening eye makeup which is appropriate for work or for school.

Using a primer, prime your eyes. Although this step is optional, I highly recommend it because it makes the soft color more pigmented and much more obvious than in the pictures.
I am using the NYX Glitter Primer which I absolutely adore.
Blend out the primer with your fingertips. For illustration purpose, I left the glob of primer there. It is not a good look okay.

I selected the first shade as my base, this is an almost white color. My lids are very pigmented so this shade helps to brighten my eye and make the colors really stand out later on.

Sweep the first base shade all over your lids.
I am using the dual ended brush provided inside my Naked 3 Palette. Frankly, it is such a good eyeshadow brush for application and for accentuating certain part of my eyes.

Using a matte brown (third shade in the first row), I applied it as a crease shade. This blends out really nicely and because it is a more wearable day look, I didn't opt for a very prominent cut crease like I would usually would. 

Using a fluffy crease brush, I applied this on my crease before blending it out. Because the space between my eyes and eyebrow is quite far apart, I can blend out the crease colour above my eye socket. The brush I am using is the Real Techniques Crease brush and I love it! 

Using the second shade for the front portion of my eye to brighten up the inner corner. This is a beautiful rose gold shade with white shimmer. 
Towards the end, I use the gold eyeshadow to create a bit more depth to the whole look. You can also pair it with a bit of brown to give your eyes more dimension. 

Okay, I am guilty of reusing brushes but in my defense. I have so little eyeshadow brush *burst into tears* 

The finished look is a beautiful soft shimmer look. Remember to clean up excess glitter fallout from your face. I pair this with a brown liner for a more natural look.
The completed look should look like this.

My thoughts on this? It is a beautiful everyday look and I love it but I don't love it enough to wear this often. You can add a bit of brown towards the end for more dimension. I kept it simple because I wanted a look that most people could wear for work or school. And because I wanted something that makes your eye really bright and alert so it looks like you brought your A game to work, when all you wanna do is go back to bed.

I hope you enjoy this pictorial. Leave me a comment if you do try this out! I would loveee to see your creation and variations!

I will be posting up two more looks for the Carli Bybel Palette and I can't wait to show them to you because these two looks are my fav fav fav to recreate.
Till next time!

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