Sunday, 10 April 2016

#433; [Review] Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Black

Hello Lovelies!
I will be reviewing the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Black in today's post. When it comes to eyeliner, it is very rare for me to try other brands because I don't want to splurge on a liquid liner that doesn't last on me. So far, the DollyWink Liquid Liner are still my HG eyeliner.
I took the leap to try out the Stila Stay All Day liner because it had a lot of raves from the beauty community and also because there was a limited time offer from Sephora last year. This retails for SGD$36 but I got it at an offer price for $19.

The Stila Stay All Day liner comes in a lot of shades besides the normal black and brown so do check it out.

The liquid liner comes packaged in a simple cardboard packaging that is very environmentally friendly but not very appealing to the eye. However, it is the contents that count and this contains 0.5ml of product in a sleek black pen embossed with the logo and name.

The cap is pretty solid and prevents the tip from drying out because it has like a "spring" mechanism to ensure that the liquid liner is really capped tightly when not in use.
The tip of the Stila Stay All Day liner is a normal felt tip that can be use to draw thick to thin lines according to your preference.

Upon swatching this on my arm, I realise that it bleeds into my skin a lot. I'm not sure if its because the formulation is a little watery or because that's just how the liner is.
Once it dries down, it is smudge proof and for the most part, waterproof as per its claims but we will get there later.

It is notable that the Stila Stay All Day liner bleeded from its line during application over the Urban Decay primer and some eyeshadow. Which is a bit of a disappointment because you can't get that crisp black liner that a liquid liner can achieve.

After experimenting with various primers, I realise that the Stila Stay All Day liner did stay all day without bleeding and flaking when used with the NYX Glitter Primer. I guess cheap eyeshadow primer does do its job :x

The colour of the liner is a solid black that is very unforgiving when you make a mistake which is why I didn't like it all too much. Because it bleeds, it can be very hard to clean up the areas where you made a mistake.

As to its claims of being waterproof?
Sure, it held up to water. But not hot water. Or even lukewarm water.
Warm water with a little bit of rubbing will get the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof liner to come washing off like it never existed. Meh.

Which means it didn't stand up to my eye drops which I desperately need. Touching up was also problematic because of said bleeding/feathering issues.
The only saving grace about the Stila liquid liner is that the colour is a really solid black which some people prefer and the tip can really create fine lines.

For SGD$36 I wouldn't really recommend this.
You can get similar formulation and applicator from other brands at a much cheaper price. I know this may be an unpopular opinion because some girls swear by this but I still find myself reaching out for that trusty DollyWink liquid liner that stays throughout the day.

Let me know any other liquid liner that I should try out or if you love the Stila Stay All Day liner, let me know how you make it werk! Or did I just get a bad batch? :c

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  1. It actually really works for me! It flakes a little after about 9h, but that's literally my entire day :P I use eyedrops too, because my eyes just don't know how to make their own moisture LOL but it's probably differences in skin type that decides whether it works for you or not (: I haven't tried the Dolly Wink one because the package said not waterproof so I got scared off.. but if it holds up to your eye drops it should hold up to mine too! :D ...right? ^^;

    1. I think the DollyWink one is pretty solid! I love the brown one because it can withstand my eyedrops! :D As to the Stila one, I am sorely disappointed because although it is good, it feathers on my lids and doesn't hold up to my eyedrops. My eyelids are more oily so I use primer to make liners last. Maybe my oily lids are the problem! ^^ But I am so happy that it works for you because I was trying to love it but I just couldn't!


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