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#435; [Review] NYX Lip Lingerie in Exotic and Ruffle Trim

Everyone and their mama is going crazy about liquid lipstick and it is no wonder that NYX Cosmetics also jumped on the bandwagon with the NYX Lip Lingerie. The name sounds a littttttllleeeee provocative but I let it slip as all the shades in this line lean towards nude to beautiful neutrals. If you love Kylie Lip Kits but find them too pricey and hard to procure, hook yourself up with NYX version of a liquid lipstick. 

Today's post centers on the two shades that I gotten - Exotic and Ruffle Trim. I purchased them from Carousell because Sephora does not carry them as of today. I am not sure if they will eventually make their way to the stores but Carousell sellers are selling them from S$15 onwards. 

This is Ruffle Trim. It is touted on NYX Cosmetics website as a "cinnamon pink". I have been lusting for this shade because it seemed like a sensible everyday-work colour. Especially since PearyPie is wearing this constantly on her Instagram and YouTube channel! 

This is Exotic. The only "red" shade in the NYX Lip Lingerie series! It is described as a "Warm Mahogany Red" and it looks absolutely gorgeous in the tube. 
The tube are clear and looks sleek and presentable. I actually really love the packaging.
In case there are any visitors from Overseas, the NYX Lip Lingerie retails for USD$7 in their webstore. 

On to their applicator!
The applicator for the NYX Lip Lingerie is unlike any liquid lipstick that I have ever seen. It is longer and thinner, many people will find that this applicator is hard to work with but I personally think that it is great for getting product to the inner corner of your lips. 

The applicator picks up just enough product for one full application. 

Here are the swatches of Exotic and Ruffle Trim. 
My first impression based on the swatches is that Ruffle Trim is very pigmented and creamy, it gives colour in one swipe and looks like a MLBB shade. Exotic takes two swipes to build up intensity but because it leans towards red, it can be an advantage for those who wants a softer "just bitten" look. 

Here is how Ruffle Trim looks on my lips. It dries matte and accentuate those sexy lip lines so exfoliate people, exfoliate! Although this looks really dry on my lips, they are actually a cream based lipstick that are surprisingly moisturising. The formula is light and it doesn't feel like the Sahara desert on my lips after I take them off at night.

The Ruffle Trim shade is a MLBB shade for me. But because I have more pigment in my lips, this looks pretty dark and dull for my NC30 skin tone. Although it is supposedly a pink-toned shade, this leans more towards a cooler taupe pink than cinnamon pink. 

I reserve this shade for when I am going for a more bronzed look or a more smokey dramatic eye look and want something neutral for my lips. Often times, after eating, I find that I cannot tell whether I still have lipstick on because it blends too darn well with my lip colour...

Because of this, I am feeling pretty meh on this colour. I like it but don't find myself reaching for it. 

If you love your nudes and neutrals but love that spot of red, Exotic should be up your alley. Even though it is red, it leans towards a very natural tinted lip colour. I find that this is a very muted red that is perfect even for daytime and work. 

As above, this is a cream based lipstick. In the swatches, I mentioned that Exotic takes about two swipes to achieve that opaque look and because of that, it may appear patchy in places. Both lipstick takes less than three minutes to dry to a matte finish and after that, they have pretty strong staying power. Touch up is only required after a heavy meal so go ahead and drink/kiss to your content!

Wearing Exotic on my lips.
Overall, my experience with NYX Lip Lingerie didn't disappoint and I would definitely be purchasing other shades from the collection. If I can pinpoint one fault with them, it would be their formulation. 

Because it is cream based, it is moisturising but they also have this "sticky" feeling if you press your lips together too hard. This might result in your lipstick becoming patchy and flaky in places although I had no such issues with mine. But seriously, who would press their lips that hard...    You don't wanna look like this, do you? .____.

For S$15, they feel better than Colourpop Ultra Matte lips. The shades are gorgeous and the colours are pigmented. These are worth a shot if you are into liquid lipstick/love neutral lip shades or want to try a matte lip but is too afraid of the dryness that ensues with all liquid lipstick. 

I am thinking of getting Bedtime Flirt next! 
If you've tried out any other shades, let me know down below because I would love to know.

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