Tuesday, 10 May 2016

#436; [Sponsored] Goodbye Greasy, Hello Gorgeous

Bid farewell to a greasy face and be absolutely gorgeous with the Biore Marshmallow Whip Deep Clean Facial Wash. I was kindly sponsored one to test out and I have to say that it came at just the right timing. 

Because I am currently working in an air-conditioned office, my face (especially my T-Zone) becomes an oil slick when I knock off from work. I was really getting desperate because the oil and sebum cause all my foundation to slip and slide and I get these unsightly patches of unblended foundation...

The Biore Marshmallow Whip Deep Clean Facial Wash comes in a tiny white pump bottle. It is so dainty and tiny but packs a whole lot of punch! I say this because a lot goes a long way and you will find that out down below. 

The bottle is so tiny and has those stopper that stops accidental leakage. This makes it very convenient to pack it for a good cleanse after a gym session or in your travel bag. 

Before telling you all about how this product works for me, here are some information about the Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash. 
This is a deep cleanse so it is suppose to thoroughly wash away sebum but still retain the natural moisture in your skin. It dispenses as a foam and because of this, it can give your pores a good cleanse because the bubbles are supposedly smaller than your pores? :o

These are the two variants in the Deep Cleanse collection that Biore has. 
The range claims to control and regulate oil production and because of its' unique formulation, doesn't dry your skin so that your skin don't go into shock and produce more oil! 
The facial foam on the left retails for SGD$7.90 while the Biore Marshmallow Deep Clean Facial Wash on the right costs SGD$13.90. 

Anyway! As I was saying, the tiny bottle can definitely last you a while because this is like one full pump and it is more than enough for your face! My face very huge so trust me on this. 
The foam is super soft and if you zooooom in, you can totally see the tiny tiny bubbles.

Before and after using the Biore Marshmallow Facial Wash. Okay, maybe not so apparent but before, the whole sheet is translucent! It is almost see through. And the after, you can tell there are some areas that aren't translucent. For the sake of this review, I kept my oil blotting paper ah....Not cause I keep all my oil blotting paper like some documents to showcase to the world. *awkward laughter*

Haha, can finally show my face. 
Ok, here are my honest thoughts even though I am sponsored this product for testing. 
What I love?
- The scent. It has a fresh lemony scent that smells so good
- Ease of cleansing, this is just so easy to spread on my face. It's like the lazy corporate woman's dream cleanser. 
- Thoroughly cleanses, T-Zone not so oily like a frying pan
- Does not cause break out.

The Not-So Good?
- Despite its claims of maintaining moisture on your face, I find that I get dry spots from pimples around my nose. I'm not sure if that's a result of my squeezing or because my skin in that area is dryer due to the cleanser. 

Other than that, this works really well for oily skin. For me, I find that this works particularly well on my T-Zone and cheek but not the rest of my face. My chin and forehead is normal so I will definitely continue using this along with my personal cleanser on a subsequent basis.

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