Tuesday, 14 June 2016

#440; My Very First Lash Perm

I was scrolling through Instagram and happen to see an ad for a promotion at Milly's for their lash perm. Immediately, I envisioned myself with beautiful fluttery lashes that wasn't heavy and totally didn't irritate my eye like eyelash extensions do. 

I faster booked myself a slot and got them done at the Suntec City branch. The whole experience was pretty pleasant but then again, I am easy to please. It took about 45 mins to finish and there was no heat involved so there was no discomfort at all. After the whole procedure, I felt like I didn't need to put on any other eye make up because my lashes were so beautiful!

Of course prior to the whole procedure and before my appointment, I constantly applied my lash serum to strengthen and lengthen my lashes so I wouldn't have a few stalks of curly lashes. #devotion

Please excuse how sparse they are now because I just coated them with lash serum and they clumped a little. But note how curly they are! Can you believe that this photo was of my lash at week 3 after the perm? Awesome. I am definitely going back for another perm before my trip overseas.

I find that with the perm, I didn't have to put on so much eyeliner, just a tightline to give volume and if I am extra feisty, a coat or two of mascara. 

These are my beautiful lashes. They are so noticeable and natural looking without being heavy on the eye. And because these are your natural lashes, you can clean them easily with oil based remover unlike lash extensions. Sorry but I am allergic to lash extension glue .__.

This selfie totally just highlight how beautiful my lashes are. Aren't they just gorgeous? The lash perm is really good and so far, pretty lasting. It is supposed to last 4-6 weeks. Not bad. You can check out Milly's Singapore Facebook page if you are interested.

And one video because I am feeling extra pretty with my lashes *wink*

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