Saturday, 25 June 2016

#441; June Favourites

I'm not sure how to classify this entry in my blog post. But anyway, this is a short update of my life and why I'm not posting as regularly as I hope to. Along with a monthly Favourite for the month of June. 

I'm currently working now! Full time until my official job starts and it has been a busy half year. I know how cliche it sounds but the year flew by so quickly, and I find myself grasping at childhood memories that seemed a lifetime away. 

Anyway, now that you know what I'm up to. Please forgive my irregular posting and short posts. My only free days are the weekends and I'd like to go out or just Netflix my whole weekend away ._. 

I'm thinking of starting a monthly favourites just so you guys could see a little bit of what's appearing up on the blog in the near future and what I've been loving and not loving. So today's post is a first attempt at that. 

Favourite makeup product:

Gudetama x Holika Holika BB Cushion! 
Yessss how can I not buy this right?
I have more from their collection but have only started using the BB cushion and I am loving the texture so far. A few people dislike the texture and finish but I am pretty neutral. I am blaming the packaging for my biased viewpoint.

Bought this because I wanted free shipping but fell in love with this lipstick and now can't live without it. This is the Witch's Pouch Selfie Like Shot Dual Lipstick (what a mouthful) and it gives a very beautiful soft Korean ombre lips! Love this one so so much that I am definitely repurchasing.

Favourite accessories:

This tiny diamond heart ring that I got with my sister. It is so subtle and beautiful and can be stacked with other bands. I love this so much.

Zis pair of gold circle minimalist earrings which you can purchase from my Carousell a/c: @moonlightcases! Hit me up! This is absolutely beautiful ok. I have this in gold and silver and I love both. 

Favourite skincare:

I have used the Skin Food Rice wash off mask since Secondary school and stopped after awhile because I got lazy. But I just repurchased this and am falling in love with it again. I love how good it smells and it has a slight exfoliate. It also gives this amazing radiant glow to your skin after the mask is washed off. 

Favourite haircare:

I know my hair is quite literally "the messiest mess". And no amount of hair care I've tried can tame my hair for long but the CP-1 Magic Styling Shampoo for straight hair and the CP-1 Raspberry Treatment Vinegar gives me the best results. The shampoo makes my hair smells wonderful, cleanses my scalp without drying it out and restore that bounce and slight glow to my hair. The vinegar? Softens my hair and makes it much cleaner. I love the combination and can never think of going back to conventional off the shelves shampoo. FYI: Just tried shampoo for a week and am already adding to cart. Vinegar is my second purchase xD

Favourite Song:

To end this short and sweet post, my current song that I keep replaying and keeps in a nice warm mood is Shaky Ground by Freedom Fry. It is such an upbeat song so go give it a listen!

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