Thursday, 2 February 2017

#446; It's a keeper!


I haven't posted in a very Long Long time because my schedule is very hectic. So much happened towards the end of 2016 and I only finally got a little time to myself.

The lovely peeps over at Beauty Keeper recently sent me a few products to review so let's get right to it! There's also a small giveaway so just read on to find out more!

First up is the PSK Skincare + Color Correction. 
I was extremely fascinated by the packaging because it is quite intricate. 

See! There's even a sponge beneath the box but I didn't use it because I was saving it for my bb cushion and also because I use this as an added concealer because of the brightening effect. 

This product comes in a balm form and is suppose to improve your skin complexion. I like how it sits and brightens up my horrendous dark circles without creasing. It lasts long and doesn't cause me to break out/get milia seeds. So a definite plus!

Also, it can sit nicely on top of my other concealer without creasing. 
I find myself reaching for this when I don't get enough sleep. Which is almost everyday.. haha. 

Legit almost can't see my Chanel eyebags. Thanks. 

And I think they very know how to take a hint because guess who got an eye serum for tired eyes?
Yes me! hahaha, 

So this Eyes Light serum is also another Taiwan beauty product. I like that it has a slightly cooling effect and is smooth. It applies well and doesn't sting my eyes nor cause any breakouts. Waaa. Not bad right. 

In terms of effect, maybe I haven't diligently use it long enough or maybe I am just thoroughly lacking in sleep. I don't see much improvement yet but then again, my concealer game is strong. Sorry for above pics. Gonna try acting chio hahaha. 

You can just shop for Taiwan beauty products at the ease of your fingertips. 
Just simply head to Beauty Keeper to shop away! You can also get these products from Beauty Keeper.

Now, they also sent me something for my eyes which I will be giving away since I can't use it for work. Can you guess what?

I am giving away this set of five pairs of lashes! 
I have never tried these before but Taiwan lashes are famous lah. Hahah. 

I can't wear lashes because of work and because I am allergic to eyelash glue. Xiao sadz. 
So if you want these, just simply drop me an email at!
I am accepting email entries till 12 Feb then I will be putting the emails through a random generator to get the winning emails. 

Good luck!

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